Developed further permanently at the institute FNB, the software package FASTEST is an efficient tool for the simulation of flows in complex three dimensional configurations. The software provides the basis for the mayority of current and past research projects at FNB and is used in numerous national as well as international academic facilities.

Key features

  • Stationary and instationary problems
  • Laminar and turbulent flows
  • Flows with heat tranfercaused by convection, radiation and conjugate heat tranfer and heat conduction through walls
  • Flows with chemical reactions
  • Flows with phase transition
  • Moving grids
  • etc.


  • Fully conservative Finite-Volume code, 2. Order in space and time
  • Blockstructured boundary adjusted Grids with free topology
  • SIMPLE-Type pressure correction scheme
  • Numerous implicite and explicite time discretization schemes
  • MPI coupling interface for external codes
  • Geometric and algebraic multigrid acceleration

Selected examples

Flow around a cylinder.
Turbulent flow around a cylinder.
Contour plot of mixer configuration.
Mixing simulation.
Fluid-structure interaction example.
Fluid-structure interaction.
3D example configuration.
3D flow around cylinder-plate configuration.
FASTEST worldwide.

FASTEST worldwide

  • FASTEST is currently used in ca. 80 research groups
  • FASTEST has spread to 17 countries worldwide

License with full source code for academic purpose is available via FNB.