Fluid mechanics tutorial

Fluid mechanics tutorial

The tutorial is an applied extension to the lecture about computational fluid dynamics. Theoretical knowledge is used and improved by working on a self-determined problem. The tutorial introduces the commercial CFD software StarCCM+. The students compute their own self chosen projects.

The tutorial is based on the lecture computational fluid dynamics. This lecture should have already been attended or be attended at the same time.


Tutorial name: Numerical Simulation of Flow Problems
Term: Winter Term
Responsible assistant: F. Köhler, M.Sc.
E. Kolb, M.Sc
Date: during the winter term
tuesdays and thursdays from 15.15
Start: The introductory event will take place on Tuesday, 26.10.2021.
Credit points: 4
Maximum number of participants: 18
Further information and material: Mandatory registration via TUCaN

The tutorial takes place online throughout the entire winter semester.

One part of the lessons will take place on ZOOM in the form of theory lessons and consultation hours. The other part will take place on Moodle. Here, video recordings and additional teaching material will be distributed. You will receive a ZOOM link via Moodle for the introductory event on 26.10.2021. Participation in the introductory event is mandatory.

All participants can access a computer in the PC pool via a remote desktop connection. The connection is necessary to participate in the tutorial.
Related lecture: Computational fluid dynamics
Stromlinien innerhalb eines Bauteils
streamlines within a technical component