Solid mechanics tutorial

Solid mechanics tutorial

The theoretical knowledge from the lecture is extended in this tutorial. Therefore the commercial finite element software ANSYS is used to caculate different structure mechanical problems.

Four practical exercises and a final self-chosen project are carried out to gain a better insight into the workflow with a FEM software tool.

The exercices and the final report will be done in groups of 2 people.

The tutorial bases on the lecture finite element analysis in structural mechanics. This lecture should be already heared.

Attention: tutorial cancelled!

Due to the low response from the students, the tutorial will unfortunately not take place in the summer term 2020. We would be pleased to welcome you to our other courses.


Tutorial name: Solid mechanics tutorial
Term: Summer
Responsible assistants: Dr.-Ing. Mauricio Fernández
M. Kannapinn, M.Sc.
Date: during the summer semester
tuesday 09:50 – 11:30
thursday 14:25 – 16:05
Start: April 2021
Place: S4|10 Room 6
Credit points: 4
Maximum number of participants: 16
Registration: tba
Additional information Participation only in teams of two
Related lecture: Introduction to the Finite Element Method
Numerical methods