Numerical methods tutorial

Numerical methods tutorial

This tutorial furthers the student's theoretical knowledge about discretization methods and solving algorithms from the lecture numerical methods. Therefore different alorithms are used and implemented by the student on its own. The subjects of the exercises are:

  1. Implementing an equation solver (to refresh programming skills and as solver for further tasks)
  2. Solving a heat transport problem with the FV method
  3. Solving a heat transport problem with the FE method
  4. Simulating dynamic processes with time integration methods

The tutorial is based on the lecture numerical methods. This lecture should be already heared or visited in parallel.

This tutorium is a teamwork! (2 persons)


Tutorials name: Numerical methods tutorial
Term: Summer
Responsible assistant: A. Karev, M.Sc.
H. Meier, M.Sc.
Dates: 29.04.2020 – Organisational matters, presentation of 1st exercise
06.05.2020 – Presentation of 2nd exercise
20.05.2020 – Presentation of 3rd exercise
03.06.2020 – Presentation of 4th exercise
Start: 29.04.2020 at 16:15
Place digital, further information follows
Credit points: 4
Registration From April, 20th 2020 by e-mail to .

Due to the limited number of participants, places will be assigned according to the chronological order of registrations.

If you do not have a parter, use the forum in the corresponding Moodle-couse to find one.
Maximum number of teams: 15 groups of 2 students each
Further information and material: For further information see TUCaN and the corresponding Moodle-course
Additional information: Participation only in teams of two
Related lecture: Numerical methods