teaching and lectures at FNB

Teaching and lectures at FNB

The central purpose of teaching activities at FNB is to impart knowledge about numerical and computational methods that can be used to solve numerous varying problems in mechanical engineering. The focus is on practical problems like heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and structure mechanical questions. The course “numerical methods” in the summer term imparts the fundamentals in numerical engineering. During the winter term the advanced courses “computational fluid dynamics”, “finite element analysis in structural mechanics” and “applied structure optimization” further the students knowledge in the special fields of application.

Each course is supported by an exercise and / or a seperate tutorial where the theoretical knowledge from the lecture is used to work on practical engineering questions.

The general course language of the tutorials, lectures, exercises and examinations is German.

Additionally a research seminar is provided at FNB. It deals with up-to-date topics from actual research and latest papers from scientific journals. The seminar can be bilingual in German and English.

Bachelor and Master Theses are also focused on practical issues. Numerous subjects are available, besides the theses on the web pages it is possible to get further topics on request. Theses can be written in both languages German or English, of course.

Course overview

Course name Typ Term CP more
Numerical methods Lecture SS 4
Applied structure optimization Lecture WS 4
Introduction to the Finite Element Method Lecture WS 6
Computational fluid dynamics Lecture WS 6
Multiscale methods in computational mechanics Lecture SS 4
Numerical methods tutorial Tutorial SS 4
Fluid dynamics tutorial Tutorial WS 4