Finite element analysis in structural mechanics

Finite element analysis in structural mechanics

The lecture gives an introduction in the finite element methods (FEM). This algorithm is widespread in commercial industries for solving structure mechanical problems. Today it is unimaginable to simulate these processes without such methods.

The structure mechanical basics are introduced as well as the resulting equations and their discretization by means of isoparametric concepts. Further topics are the mesh generation and algorithms for solving algebraic equation systems. Within the scope of adaptive grid refinements several methods for error estimation are compared to get information about the results quality of the numerical simulation.

From the content

  • Fundamentals of mechanical structure modelling
  • Derivations of the weak form: Galerkin, principle of virtual displacements, energy principle
  • Continuum elements, structural elements
  • Solving large equation systems
  • Quality and error estimation


Lecture name: Finite element analysis in structural mechanics
Term: Winter
Lecturers: Dr. rer. pol. M. Lazanowski
Responsible assistants: A. Karev, M.Sc.
Start of lectures: October 2019
Lecture and exercise dates: Tuesday 09.50 – 11.30
Friday 11.40 – 13.20
Room S4|10 1
Credit points: 6
Examination: oral examination
Further information and material: see TUCaN
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